Arouca bridge

arouca bridge

How to get to 516 Arouca – suspension bridge in Portugal?

- Ponte Suspensa How to get to 516 Arouca – suspension bridge? To get to 516 Arouca you should choose the following accesses: Estimated travel time: 60 minutes (Areinho) or 1h15 (Alvarenga)

Where is the Arouca bridge located?

516 Arouca Bridge is located in the municipality of Arouca, district of Aveiro and is very close to one of the ends of the Passadiços do Paiva (Areinho). Access to the bridge can be done on the side of Canelas or on the side of Alvarenga depending on your ticket.

What is the name of the bridge that spans the Paiva?

Ponte 516 Arouca spans the Paiva River, connecting the escarpment of the Aguieiras Waterfall and the Paiva Gorge. This feat of modern engineering took inspiration from past designs, including bridges built by the Incas that once spanned the valleys of the Andes Mountains.

How tall is the bridge to aguieiras waterfall?

The 516m-long (1693ft) bridge is suspended 175m (574ft) above the river in Arouca Unesco Global Geopark just outside Porto. The bridge connects the escarpment of the Aguieiras waterfall and the area of the Paiva Gorge, two of the 41 geosites of the geopark.

How to buy tickets for 516 Arouca bridge?

Buy tickets directly at the official ticket office of 516 Arouca Bridge (without intermediaries) or make your pre-reservation fully personalized with one of our operators and come to know the largest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world! Make your booking! Book Now!

Can you drive from Porto to 516 Arouca suspension bridge?

If you are considering to drive by yourself from Porto to the 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge, here is what you should know. Arouca is located on the southbound of Douro river, so if you are in Porto inevitably you will have to make your way south through one of Porto’s bridges.

Where is the Arouca suspension bridge?

The 516 Arouca Suspension Bridge is the latest landmark in northern Portugal. Located in the municipality of Arouca, it has been attracting atention from all over the world! This is our guide on how to make your way there from Porto! There are several options depending on your goals, budgets and timings!

Where is the 516 Arouca in Portugal?

The 516 Arouca is a new suspension footbridge in Portugal . It hangs over a gorge in a nature reserve. You look out over a waterfall and see a river below. You can find it close to Porto. What is the location of the 516 Arouca? The 516 Arouca in Portugal is the longest suspension bridge in the world.

Is the 516 Arouca bridge part of the Paiva walkway?

The 516 Arouca bridge is next to the Areeinho entrance of Paiva Walkways, but is not part of the path. You do NOT have to go, obligatorily, through the suspension bridge to get to the walkways. Keep in mind there are separate tickets: one for the walkways, another for the footbridge.

Where does the Paiva River start and end?

The Paiva River ( Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈpajˈvɐ]) is a river that rises in the Sierra de Leomil, more specifically in the parish of Pêra Velha, Aldeia de Nacomba e Ariz - belonging to the municipality of Moimenta da Beira - and flows into the Douro, in Castelo de Paiva, flowing through the parish of Fornos on the left bank.

What is the exact location of Padma Multipurpose Bridge?

/  23.446°N 90.2623°E  / 23.446; 90.2623 The Padma Multipurpose Bridge is a multipurpose road-rail bridge across the Padma River, the main distributary of Ganges, under construction in Bangladesh with its own resources.

What are the Paiva walkways in Portugal?

The Paiva Walkways are a 8-kilometer iconic wooden walkway that snakes up and down rocky hillsides along the Paiva river. It’s one of the most iconic attractions in nature in Portugal.

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