What is genially?

Genially es una herramienta intuitiva que ha transformado de manera radical la forma en la que mostramos lo que hacemos. Nuestra carta de presentación. Un tour para conocer mejor la herramienta online. Sube, que salimos. Empezar a usar Genially es como freír un huevo: fácil, muy fácil.

How easy is it to start using genially?

Starting to use Genially is like frying an egg: very, very easy. Here are the first steps we suggest. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Mastering Genially won’t happen in a day either. But it’s super easy to become an expert with the Genially Academy courses and learning pills.

What can genially do for You?

Forget going unnoticed, and connect with your audience. Use Genially to create content that will stun your audience! Whatever the project is, Genially will work for you.

What do you like most about genially?

PROS: The best part about Genially is its affordability. It doesnt cost much for all the features it allows you to use. I can use it to create interactive presentations, posters, etc. Furthermore, it allows me to add animation, making my slides more interesting.

Is there a free version of genially?

The best part is that it is FREE! There is a premium level (scroll down to the bottom for a discount code on a EDU PRO account) but even with the free version you can create UNLIMITED content and have access to tons of templates. Dive into the Genially universe. To really see how it works try exploring this genially tour of the tool itself.

How do I get Started with genially?

After your tour take the short beginners course on the first steps in Genially that will walk you through the Main Panel and the Editor, where you will learn about the features that make Genially an essential tool for content creation and communication in any environment. Ready to see where Genially can take you?

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