Why buy a Lexus ES?

Designed with modernity in mind, the ES has a sleek, distinguished look and an artistically crafted cabin. Contribute to a greener future while enjoying great fuel efficiency and responsive driving performance. Experience tranquility, and refinement whenever you drive the Lexus LS.

What is the difference between Lexus LS and UX?

The Lexus LS is a world-class vehicle that is the pinnacle of luxury performance. Envelop yourself in comfort and refinement when you drive the environmentally-friendly Hybrid vehicle with Lexus LS. With remarkable dynamism and agility, the stylish Lexus UX is your perfect city companion.

Is the Lexus NX good for urban driving?

The nimble, versatile Lexus NX is perfect for navigating through the urban landscape. The sharp, striking lines of the Lexus NX gives the vehicle a bold and lively personality for urban adventures. Nimble, versatile, dynamic, and sustainable. The Lexus NX is designed to power through the urban jungle.

What is the difference between the Lexus NX and LX?

The Lexus NX is designed to power through the urban jungle. The LM offers you a sustainable, tranquil ride with ample space so you can travel while enveloped in pure luxury. The Lexus LX is rugged and powerful, yet its interior offers first-class luxury and comfort. Take your adventures to the next level.

Are used Lexus’s Good?

Unsurprisingly, this logic applies to Lexus’ cars, and it’s also why used Lexus’ are very good options for shoppers. Consumer Reports created a list of the best used cars for under $20,000, and Lexus was one of the few luxury brands that had multiple entries on that list.

How much does a Lexus ES cost?

The luxurious look of the SUV is an added bonus. Average Price: The cost of a new Lexus ES can range from $38,950 to $51,000 MSRP. Why it is Popular: The Lexus ES is a popular model because it offers its power driver seat, a comfortable ride and the engine provides a nice amount of horsepower and performance.

Is the Lexus ES 350 a good car?

Here Are Some Reasons For and Against The Lexus ES 350 is a mid-size luxury sedan that has been produced and sold by Lexus since the 2005 model year. The car most recently went through a major upgrade with the 2015 model year when it received an interior and exterior facelift.

Why are Lexus sedans so expensive?

Thats because Lexus two most popular sedans—the IS and ES —both have base prices just over $40,000 and are backed by the brands reputation for reliability and comfort. Look a little closer, however, and youll start to see how each car has a distinct personality and purpose.

Is the Lexus NX good at cornering?

The NXs cornering abilities are more than good enough. This isn’t a fun and sporty large SUV but it does grip the road well and theres not much body lean through corners. The steering is precise and the weighting is natural and consistent enough to give you confidence on a winding road.

Does the Lexus NX have a diesel engine?

Unlike rival manufacturers, Lexus doesn’t offer the NX with a diesel engine. Yet on paper, the hybrid models promise impressive fuel economy from an SUV of this size, with up to 39.7mpg from the NX FWD claimed under latest WTLP ‘combined’ driving figures.

Is the Lexus NX 300h a good car?

In the NX 300h, the combination of the hybrid system and the CVT automatic gearbox provides a relaxing yet intensely frustrating ride. For instance, while the Lexus will glide around town in near-silent electric mode if you drive steadily, the battery’s range of around a mile looks poor compared to more modern plug-in hybrid models.

Is the Lexus NX a good hybrid?

Only if the hybrid NX is driven in urban areas at relatively low speeds – to make use of the battery – can owners expect to deliver good results and better diesel rivals.

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